A History of us:

It all started when…

Simplecraft was originally founded back in December of 2012, you can find the original post here by JayTeeScout. JayTee ran and operated the server as Admin until April of the following year. The then mod Zhro offered to take over hosting the server on his personal server hardware. In doing this he fixed all of the latency and memory issues that we plaguing the server. Once Zhro took his seat as Admin the name Simplecraft was changed to Minedlands and the same map was kept until November of 2015. It was at this moment where all traces of the the original Simplecraft have been removed.

By the time 2017 rolled around the then Mod Hotstuff8398 was bring forwards many ideas to Minedlands. Many of the ideas brought forward were opposing the atmosphere that Zhro envisioned for his server. Zhro has talked for years about creating a separate server outside of Minedlands under the name Simplecraft. The main obstacle in his way was the the domain Simplecraft.com. He wanted it in a “so bad that I will own it sort of way”. The domain cost $2400.

June of the following year Zhro bit the bullet and bought the domain. it was at this moment that work on the Simplecraft that we know today began. Development of the new server continued for months until the now Admin Hotstuff8398 felt we were ready for a launch. The launch date was pushed way back as development for a stable release of Spigot 1.13 took much longer than expected.

After Minedlands started running the stable Spigot 1.13 on the Minedlands server, the fine tuning on Simplecraft began. This includes polishing the player & staff permissions, finalizing the plugin configs, and inviting the small group of beta testers to insure we were ready to launch.

February 28, 2019: Simplecraft launches as Minedlands’ newest server! We are glad to have you call it home.