Welcome to Simplecraft Survival

At Simplecraft we aim to be your go to survival Minecraft server with out the use of flashy and in your face plugins.

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Bring Back The Vanilla Feel

While Simplecraft Is not a Vanilla server, we only use plugins that do not distract from the way Minecraft was meant to be played. We will never tolerate plugins that will spam your chat with nonsense that have nothing to do with the game at hand. The way Simplecraft is set up and operated, you can disregard any of the plugins used here and just play vanilla.


“I enjoy SimpleCraft because the community is built upon a common goal of having fun playing survival Minecraft.”

— artsy2


Dive Back In To Survival Minecraft




Simplecraft was the Brain child of JayTeeScout back in 2011. It was a small server with tons of lag. Zhro took over SimpleCraft and renamed it Minedlands in early 2012! Now we have come full circle and the Simplecraft we know today broke off of Minedlands in 2019. Simplecraft is owned by Minedlands as its parent server. You can join and play Minedlands at mc.minedlands.com!


Player Build of the Month!

Build by: sanklin98 & thebigmcd4238


Get Involved

We can't wait to see you on the server, but we also can't wait to see you grow as a part of our community. Join us on Discord to stay up to date with the server. Visit our Team to get to know our staff, and check out our Store!


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