We are LIVE!

It has been around eight months since this project was started and we are finally done! Woot! We have been live for two weeks or so now and we have been super successful with an average of 10-15 players on at most times. We have also had a whopping 22 players online at one time, something that a minedlands server has not seen in quite some time! Thank you all for sticking around with us during our early development and through the server launch. We hope to see every one here for years to come.

Almost done!

Every day we inch further and further to a full release of SimpleCraft! I cannot wait! Soon i will be looking for beta testers to play to be sure we are ready for the full release. Most of what needs to be done to launch has to wait until we have a stable spigot build, that is the main hold up as of now. check back here and on discord to stay up to date on our progress. 

SimpleCraft-logo (1).png

The Website is taking shape!

Thank you for all the positive feed back on the site, we love you for that! We are inching further and further to a full release of the site with the new link Simplecraft.com! There is still lots to do before we will be ready to launch the server. the big thing is waiting for a stable Spigot version for 1.13. Check back here and on Discord to keep up to date on all the happenings with our progress 

SimpleCraft-logo (1) - Copy.png