Server Admin

Hey I'm Hotstuff, the Admin of SimpleCraft and the Head of staff for all of Minedlands, so yea I'm kind of a big deal. I started with Minedlands back in 2013 and have loved every second of it. I played for about two or three years before becoming staff. I hope to have many more years here as part of this team. Outside of the server I work in a grocery store called Publix, and do a lot of volunteer work at the local high schools Fine Arts Theatre.



the Admin

I started out with minedlands back in early 2011, shortly after it was first launched by our founder JayTeeScout. I have a background in java development and I used that to my advantage. The original server was extremely laggy and since I happened to have server grade equipment I offered to help run the server. Not to improve on the lag but because I wanted more claim blocks. Not to long after that, JayTee handed over the controls to the server to me and I have been admin ever since.



senior Moderator

My name is Star, or Starkiller, or Star10killer, or any other form of those 3 names. I'm a mod, not really much else to say to that. Youngest staff member at 16. Don't give Hotstuff your welcome pie. (Edit from Hotstuff: Do give Hotstuff your Welcome Pie.)



Junior moderator

Hey all! I'm ash_rock, your favorite jrmod (of course). Since I'm the first (or one of the first) to do the staff bios, here's a bunch of random things that I think I'm supposed to put in here!

I'm eighteen and in college studying video game design and animation. I'm obsessed with Minecraft, if that even has to be said, but I also love art, music (the band type, not listening to it), and writing. I would say I'm very smart, though I'm sure Star or BTS would love to disagree, and I love math and science. Je parle français (I speak French), which I have been learning the last four years and hope to find some time to study it in college despite my double major. I have two golden retrievers that are basically siblings to me, but I pretty much fall in love with any animal I meet.

In game, I am a member of New Aquaticus. Along with artsy2, I work on/manage the amusement park MASH, which I hope to eventually open up for the community. I'm also the staff member who most recently joined the server, at least at the point of me writing this, though I wouldn't say I'm new by this point. I collect bottles of scorpions in game (don't ask). I am also in charge of creating the builds for holiday bonus blocks. I'm a good landscape designer as well so if your builds need any sprucing up, just let me know (spruce like the tree :wink: ).

Some Minecraft things to know: I'm a pro at 1.5 elytra jumps and elytra running, I've never fought the ender dragon and wither boss legitimately (I've technically never beaten the game Dx), and I used to play a lot more in creative mode than survival, but I've definitely changed over.

While I'm sure I could continue to talk about myself, I'm not as vain as one of the other people who posted their bio (cough cough BTS cough cough) so I will stop here. If you have any other questions, just ask me in game. ^-^

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