Server Admin

Hey I'm Hotstuff, the Admin of SimpleCraft and the Head of staff for all of Minedlands, so yea I'm kind of a big deal. I started with Minedlands back in 2013 and have loved every second of it. I played for about two or three years before becoming staff. I hope to have many more years here as part of this team. Outside of the server I work in a grocery store called Publix, and do a lot of volunteer work at the local high schools Fine Arts Theatre.



the Admin

I started out with minedlands back in early 2011, shortly after it was first launched by our founder JayTeeScout. I have a background in java development and I used that to my advantage. The original server was extremely laggy and since I happened to have server grade equipment I offered to help run the server. Not to improve on the lag but because I wanted more claim blocks. Not to long after that, JayTee handed over the controls to the server to me and I have been admin ever since.



Senior Moderator

Hello hello! I'm Eris, known in-game as Eriisdar. Previous names have been Eveimei, Imperator_Fury and Garrus_Vakarian I've been playing since December 2013, and I am one of your senior moderators.
In game I love horses and farms, and spend much of my time building them. My skin is indeed Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road and I will talk to you for ages about it if you allow me.
In real life, I'm a dog trainer! I get to spend 2+ hours a day, 5-6 days a week, snuggling, playing with and teaching all kinds of dogs, and it's pretty awesome. I have one dog of my own, Dallup, a rescued stray; two cats, Madison and Gabriella (Maddi and Gabbi); four hermit crabs, Michael, Gavin, Ray and Jeremy; and a corn snake named Capable!
Always feel free to message me if you have a question or concern! You can find me on discord @Erisdar#3580 :)



Senior Moderator 

Helu! ORCmaster here!

I'm one of the old players on minedlands, been playing for years on the server as one of the Mods. I started playing minecraft and fell in love with the possibilities of the game. Started playing with some friends and soon I started looking for a small nice vanilla server. Soon I found this and I started to play on it and never looked back! In my "normal" life I work as a soldier in the Swedish Armed Forces, that's right Im a Swede! My work is both a curse and a blessing for my minecrafting, it forces me to be unable to play for a few weeks now and again becuase of field exercises but it also blesses me with many weeks off where I can play the game! My hobbies outside minecraft consists of gaming in general, both pc-games and tabletops. On the server I spend most of my time building military vehicles and bases. This is to strengthen the power of ORCco, my ingame corporation. ORCco deals with Military development, mercenary contracts and science. If you wish to buy a piece of ORCco hardware just give me a message, but beware it's not cheap! I also do Commissions for vehicles and sometimes buildings, but this is only for those I feel deserve a ORCco design vehicle. Other then this Im a pretty friendly and open guy, so if you have questions, feel free to ask them! Stay safe and have fun on minedlands!


"ORCco has never done any immoral experiments..."



Senior Moderator

Hi folks, I'm BTSInDarkness, and if you couldn't get that from my name, then I'm afraid all hope is lost for your existence. Evidently I am your favorite player on the server, (of course), and here are some things about me: I'm 18 years old and from New Jersey (South Jersey, not to be confused with our unbathed sibling to the north). I travel a lot, and my favorite animal is the cow. Is there any more iconic animal than the classic bovine? No, and you're not very smart if you think there is. Ingame, I collect books, so please write me one, and am the sovereign of New Aquaticus, my favorite city with the initials N.A.. I have played on the server since April 2014, so I'm pretty old in terms of server years (seeing as the server has been around since 2011, and I joined in 2014, and it is now 2018, that makes me 4 years old. however, if you make the dates relative to the big bang (i.e. 2001=year 0) then I am about 7885714285.71 years old. that's almost old enough to collect social security!) In real life, I study Latin, Russian, Greek, and Chinese, and I also ski and play ping pong (thats 3 ps in a row, haha). Say something positive about me if you see me ingame.(edited)




My name is Star, or Starkiller, or Star10killer, or any other form of those 3 names. I'm a mod, not really much else to say to that. Youngest staff member at 16. Don't give Hotstuff your welcome pie. (Edit from Hotstuff: Do give Hotstuff your Welcome Pie.)




Hello. I'm Questis (obviously). I'm Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world. I took the midnight train going anywhere. I joined the staff on 2/28/18. I'm a fun loving mother of one human child and two fur babies. I started playing Minecraft as a way to spend more time with my human child and just love it. I've been playing video games since 1984 (yes I'm aged well). I love zombie films, detective shows, and medical shows. I absolutely adore animals and some times call them aminals just for fun. I enjoy spending time with my family doing just about anything. Sometimes I make references that only I understand; so, I apologize in advance if I do this when I'm talking to you. Oh and I love SimpleCraft! It's the best server ever!



Junior Moderator

Hello Folks, I am Voroshk. IRL I am an old timer. I travel a great deal with my job so I am often playing from a hotel room. It is a great way for me spend time with my young daughter when I am away from home. What is a Voroshk? Glen Cook's series The Black Company describes them as a race of incredibly powerful wizards that inherited their powers and are actually really quite stupid. Describes me pretty well except I'm not a powerful wizard. I am not great at building fancy stuff but I have the patience to create things that take enormous amounts of time. Sometimes I even plan things out. If you need help finding your way around please feel free to ask. I like easy questions the most! I like to encourage players to explore, find materials, and build amazing things. I am not much for giving freebie handouts but I will tell you how to get stuff. As a Staff member I will do my best to point you in the right direction. Have fun in SimpleCraft. It is a great place to explore! - Voroshk



Junior moderator

Hey all! I'm ash_rock, your favorite jrmod (of course). Since I'm the first (or one of the first) to do the staff bios, here's a bunch of random things that I think I'm supposed to put in here!

I'm eighteen and in college studying video game design and animation. I'm obsessed with Minecraft, if that even has to be said, but I also love art, music (the band type, not listening to it), and writing. I would say I'm very smart, though I'm sure Star or BTS would love to disagree, and I love math and science. Je parle français (I speak French), which I have been learning the last four years and hope to find some time to study it in college despite my double major. I have two golden retrievers that are basically siblings to me, but I pretty much fall in love with any animal I meet.

In game, I am a member of New Aquaticus. Along with artsy2, I work on/manage the amusement park MASH, which I hope to eventually open up for the community. I'm also the staff member who most recently joined the server, at least at the point of me writing this, though I wouldn't say I'm new by this point. I collect bottles of scorpions in game (don't ask). I am also in charge of creating the builds for holiday bonus blocks. I'm a good landscape designer as well so if your builds need any sprucing up, just let me know (spruce like the tree :wink: ).

Some Minecraft things to know: I'm a pro at 1.5 elytra jumps and elytra running, I've never fought the ender dragon and wither boss legitimately (I've technically never beaten the game Dx), and I used to play a lot more in creative mode than survival, but I've definitely changed over.

While I'm sure I could continue to talk about myself, I'm not as vain as one of the other people who posted their bio (cough cough BTS cough cough) so I will stop here. If you have any other questions, just ask me in game. ^-^

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