The Rules

At Simple Craft we pride ourselves in not having a long and drawn out list of rules.
Our rule list however is long enough for you to get the idea of how to present yourself on the server and across our community, whether it be the server or discord. These rules should be considered as a guideline on how to behave in a positive, friendly manner. Violations will be administered at the discretion of the attending staff member. 

  1. No griefing! This means any form of modification of others' work or defacing of the landscape for no purpose other than to make it look bad. Please make an effort to clean up your floating treetops and keep our forests clean. The best way to avoid grief is to claim your land!

  2. Do NOT engage in any form of attack. Global chat is not the place for heated arguments; take it to whisper. However, harassing other players is a bannable offense. We will never tolerate harsh language directed at another player. Any language higher than PG will result in disciplinary action.

  3. Do NOT ask for inventory restoration after falling into lava or die while adventuring. Unless a staff member has killed you with their unnatural control of lightning and fire, your inventory is forfeit upon death. This is a survival server. Walk it off.

  4. Anything done on your account is YOUR responsibility. If someone manages to get onto your account and grief, it will most likely be you who is banned. Always use a strong password for your account and do not share it with your friends.